Our Business

North American sources of critical materials that were previously overlooked have now been rendered accessible and commercially viable because of new extraction technologies. This is similar to the opportunity fracking and horizontal drilling opened up for the U.S. domestic energy industry. CMC principals have decades of chemical and power plant permitting, construction and operations experience. This technical feasibility and team experience with project execution and management is the key to success.

We are primarily focused on producing battery grade lithium for use by manufacturers of electric vehicles, as well as extracting both light and heavy Rare Earth Elements ("REES") from mine tailings located throughout North America for inclusion in all varieties of modern electronics applications.  We are applying state of the art processing techniques and proprietary technology to extract and refine Lithium, and REES  from various U.S. sources that were previously unrecoverable.  In addition, CMC is developing advanced membrance technologies to filter and purify water from industrial processes.

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