Electronics Grade Lithium Carbonate and Lithium Hydroxide Monohydrate

from oil field and other brines

One of CMC’s main objectives is to commercialize its innovative process to produce lithium from oil field brines, geothermal well fields and mining leach streams.

CMC holds sub-licenses for various proprietary process steps in the complete extraction from brine to lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide monohydrate. This multi-step, selective extraction, concentration, purification and manufacturing process is ready to be utilized for rapid extraction of lithium from any brine or leach stream.

This is an existing technology that has been demonstrated in laboratory and pilot tests on numerous actual salar and geothermal brines (rather than synthetic solutions) and is effective, continuous and cost competitive.  CMC is currently in the process of securing access to a number of implementation sites to build a project pipeline. 

CMC's process is modular and is designed to be integrated into any existing wellfield or mining leach process.  We can have a pilot plant ready to begin processing materials within 6 months on a test basis, and a modular commercial scale facility operating within 18 months after pilot plant testing is complete.