Rare Earth Elements Extraction

from waste mine tailings and other previously unrecoverable deposits

CMC has developed and is now in a position to offer a rapid implementation of rare earth element (“REE”) extraction at old mine tailings properties located throughout the U.S. This allows CMC to provide a secure reliable supply of both light and heavy REEs to U.S. manufacturers and defense contractors.

The tailings remnants from many old mines which previously operated in the US are on the surface, accessible and depending on the original ore mined, contain significant concentrations of Rare Earth Elements. The REE’s include, for example, Neodymium (Nd), Praseodymium (Pr), Cerium (Ce), Lanthanum (La), Yttrium (Y) and many others.

As a result of developing new proprietary extraction techniques, these previously unrecoverable deposits are now available at numerous existing operating and closed mining sites which are easily permitted in order to operate modern, state of the art, safe and environmentally clean extraction facilities.

In many cases, this processing of existing tailings and ore rubble piles, which can otherwise leach into groundwater over time, can constitute a beneficial remediation and clean-up activity for the mine property owner, which provides an additional benefit, in addition to receiving royalties from REEs production.

The CMC proprietary rare earths extraction process is fast and cost-effective. We can have a pilot plant ready to begin processing materials from the Project within 6 months on a test basis, and a modular commercial scale facility operating within 18 months after pilot plant testing is complete.